About Living Wage

What is a Living Wage ?

A Living Wage in Northampton is $13.18 an hour and is similar in other towns..

  • The living wage rate is based on a budget covering the basic needs of a single person without children.
  • The living wage basic needs budget includes: housing; food; clothes; health care; heat; hot water; lights; and transportation.
  • The living wage is adjusted yearly based on changes in the Consumer Price Index.
  • In 2015 based on a 1.6% increase in the Consumer Price Index it went to $13.18 for Northampton and $12.17 for Western Massachusetts towns other than Northampton and Amherst.

Why pay a Living Wage? It pays to pay a Living Wage:

  • Cut turnover costs.
  • Boost worker morale and effort.
  • Help workers and their family to thrive.
  • Coalition members and general public support for certified employers.
  • Employers who pay or aspire to pay a living wage will attract more qualified workers.
  • Workers with more money to spend will boost local economy.
  • People who care about the Living Wage will be likely to use your business.

Why is certification important?

Certified employers get free publicity:

  • Publicly thanked at City Council meeting.
  • Listed with web link on the City website.
  • Listed with web link on the Coalition website.
  • Get a free Living Wage decal.

Find out how to become a Certified Employer.